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Wonder Kids have been involved with literally thousands of birthday parties, come here for the best kids birthday party advice and tips.  Ask any questions you like we are here to help.

So you may know already that I am one of the U.K's leading family entertainers with literally thousands of events under my belt, I have performed all over the world too.  I have seen so many different parties, different ideas, some of them more successful than others.  As part of the Wonder Kids Blog I have written quite a few ideas and tips that relate to birthday parties.  So I thought it's about time that all the posts that I have written over the last two years should get a home to bring them together and make it easier for you to find them and use them.

The first stop is my social media accounts. You can get in touch directly with me and ask any questions you like, Im more than happy to help with anything, you don't have to book me just to ask me some questions. 

The Wayne Wonder Facebook Page is one of the biggest entertainer pages in the UK and you will find a wealth of knowledge there.  The Wonder Kids Facebook Page is jam packed with great ideas for kids parties including games, printables, snacks and loads more! Plus it's all FREE.

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, on my way to a million viewers a month, you will find hundreds of brilliant ideas for kids parties here too.

When you get into the party venue, or at home, the first place to start in my opinion is the party table.  I explain why in this great post, just click on the picture to read more.  Also covered in this post:

  • How to arrange tables
  • How to arrange a Party Venue
  • How to decorate a table 

Here is a great example of how the Wonder Kids blog can help with party planning.  In this post I give loads of free printable's that you can use at a Party and dozens of great game ideas too, as well as some Piñata inspiration.  I have people who can make awesome Pinata's on my Facebook page at the top of this page so why not show them the pictures and see if they can make one for you? Included in this post:

  • Diamond Sword print out
  • Minecraft Pizza
  • Print Outs
  • Games
  • Piñata 
  • And Loads more

Pass the Parcel is a classic of Birthday Parties and for good reason, it's brilliant.  So I start off nice and easy with a traditional version but then I show you how to do a super quick version, a really hard version and a version that uses little more than a giant bar of chocolate.  This post really shows what Wonder Kids is all about, take a look.

I have been steadily designing and working away on a bunch of party invitations for you.  These are all available for free, you can either print them yourself or send them to an online printer like vista print and get however many you need printed and delivered to your door.  This library is constantly being updated, it's the perfect way to set the tone for your next birthday party.

This is always an interesting topic to talk about.  The truth is there are no right or wrongs but I share my experience in this post and show you how to avoid some pitfalls too. How many kids will you have at a party? Take a look today.

Another great series of posts in the Wonder Kids blog here, covering everything you need to make an awesome sleep over.  Why not do a small birthday party sleep over? Some amazing ideas here, my favourite is Spin The Bottle! no not the version you're thinking of, this version is all about nail polish bottles and its great for the social media age.  It's free to use so take advantage of it folks.  Included in this series:

  • Girls Sleep Over Ideas
  • Boys Sleep Over ideas
  • Pillow Bed
  • Laser Maze
  • Pillow Fights
  • Loads More!

Jumbo Magic Wand

Jumbo inflatable magic wands, order any qty you like. They are delivered for FREE and come flat packed ready to inflate. No annoying knots to be tied because these self seal! great to give away at the end of a party or add into your own party bags. Something really different that the kids will love to play with.


We are nearly at the end but please do take a few minutes to search the Wonder Kids Blog and you will find so many gems.  If your interested in a theme and I haven't covered it yet than just let me me know and I will get right on it.  This blog post is all about Pinata's and how to play them safely whilst having lots of fun. Theres tons of inspiration here and how to fill them for different aged kids too.  Take look - 

If you want some great ideas on party snacks and recipes then look no further than my Kids Kitchen, again this forms part of Wonder Kids.  You will find loads of great themed party food ideas here too.